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We are united by a keen interest in our business, by aspiration to develop and implement, by shared values: efficiency, partnership, responsibility and openness.

We manage projects in the areas of IT, Digital, Marketing and PR, Media, Management.

For each individual case we specifically use or combine methods and tools of assessment and analysis

  • We conduct biographical and in-depth, case and Brainteaser interviews;
  • We use STAR and PARLA methods to determine professional and personal competencies;
  • We develop competency models for companies, carry out comprehensive assessments and organize assessment centers
  • We use Hogan, DISC and MBTI methods to identify behavioral traits, motivators, risk zones and development potential.
  • We conduct SWOT analysis and set SMART goals


CEO for an online retail startup

Company: An early stealth startup in the field of orthopedic products in the above average price category with delivery and return guarantee. Client: 2 expat investors with different views on functions and roles.

Position and Requirements: CEO for the task of building a business from the ground up. Proven expertise in omni-channel marketing, E-commerce, logistics and operations management, willingness to enter a project with below market financial rewards in a fixed part of payment.

Work method: we developed a market chart for all players in the categories of orthopedics, soft goods, Retail in companies with a similar business model, as well as premium players with a developed e-commerce channel.

Result: A candidate from the jewelry industry joined the company. The candidate was a perfect match in terms of competencies, and also joined the project as a co-investor.

TO/CPO for intellectual property management systems

Company: a group of companies with diversified business vertical hierarchy in intellectual property protection and management in a digital environment. Complex stakeholder list and specific market niche.

Position and requirements: CTO with SRO functionality for the task of setting up product development. Successful experience in developing and launching large-scale solutions in Fintech, Web and Mobile, experience working in direct liaison with the company shareholder.

Work method: targeted search based on the recommendations of unique CTOs, who worked in close liaison with the shareholders and backers of Fintech businesses in Russia and abroad.

Result: The position was filled in a record 1.5 months with 6 candidates of the required level presented. A finalist with experience of launching large-scale Fintech projects in Asian markets joined the project team.

CEO in a performance-marketing agency

Company: A company with a niche brand in the automobile and real estate markets. Competitors: large chain and independent advertising agencies and performance agencies.

Position and requirements: CEO for the task of relaunching the business in the product paradigm, including the optimization of current resources. High expertise in Digital, Performance, experience in TOP-10 companies in managerial roles, experience of adjusting advertising products.

Work Method: The lack of product expertise in the advertising agency market was evident. In dialogue with the client, we refocused the search to platforms where candidates were offered a management challenge in the role of CEO.

Result: The candidate from Web-holding joined the company, quickly built a relationship with the shareholders and implemented the required tasks. The investors stepped down from the company's operational management, entrusting the business entirely to the new CEO.

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