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Since 2015 Fitman has been a recruitment partner and an HR-Consultant for IT, Digital, Media & Advertisement.

We place skilled professionals across a range of positions from Project Director and Head of Development to Vice President of Marketing and CEO. 

Provide our clients with a range of market research, selection and talent management solutions. 

Connect people to job opportunities, career coaching, guiding through successful interviews.

Industry Knowledge

For 7 years Fitman has worked in IT, Media and Communications industries and knows the specifications needed. Using sourcing techniques, social media, network and modern recruitment approaches, we provide our clients with the best match between candidates and jobs. 

We are a team of Professionals

With a tandem of a Consultant and Researcher, specializing in a specific field, we provide the most efficient results.

Individual Approach

Our team provides an inclusive system for any individual. We are flexible to your schedule and respond to your application within 24 hours. Coordinating meetings with finalists, preparing job offers and analytical reports upon your request.


We hold feedback to a high regard and promptly adjust our strategy and work methods in accordance with changing circumstances and objectives

Completed Projects
Hand picked resumes
Work days - maximum waiting time for first candidates to be presented

For Companies

Finding the Right people

We recruit professionals from any field - from Project Director and Head of Development to Vice President of Marketing and CEO

Setting up HR-Processes

We will develop an HR strategy, help with the systematization and execution of document flow.

Market Research

For Candidates



Our Clients

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